Black Future Weekend

About the Event

Black Future Weekend is an annual conference to convene thought leaders, influencers, subject matter experts, and the community for an interactive experience to prepare the Black community for the technologically heightened future. Join us for 2 days of culturally relevant panels, forums and lifestyle events that will shift the landscape of tech. Panels range from topics covering Health and Wellness, Finance, Entertainment, Workforce Development and Education, Emerging, and Clean tech.

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Our Story


Dream Corps TECH is a national program founded by Prince and CNN Contributor, Van Jones to cultivate future leaders and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. We are creating a pipeline of diverse talent that will shift the culture of the tech sector. Dream Corps TECH provides access to skills training & scholarships, job placements so our people can change the future of tech. 

As an intersectional nonprofit founded by civil rights leader Van Jones, Dream Corps has spent the last six years closing prison doors and opening doors of opportunity. We bring people together across racial, social, and partisan lines to create a future with freedom and dignity for all. Dream Corps is about bringing leaders from different backgrounds and issues to the table for strategic collaboration, idea sharing, innovation, and creative solutions. 

“Our past heroes inspire us, but our future leaders will guide us,” said Jones. “With the climate going catastrophic and the economy going algorithmic, we need to talk about where we are heading as a people.”

The team was energized from the yearning of our founder to provide the Black Diaspora with support, resources and inspiration to see and chart a brighter future that draws from the strength of the past.  Sharing this same passion, TECH’s National Community Initiatives Director was charged with curating a cultural community and education event that does just that!

Meet the Curator

Michelle Ferguson
Michelle is the National Community Initiatives Director of Dream Corps TECH, and event curator for Black Future Weekend. With 14 years of experience in the nonprofit space, Michelle has dedicated her career to opening doors of opportunity for underrepresented and underserved individuals and communities. Michelle oversees tech policy and research initiatives, thought leadership, member engagement, and community partnerships. Michelle specializes in program development and implementation, content creation and producing innovative strategies for viable solutions.
Prior to joining the TECH Team, Michelle was the Program Manager II at the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA®), creating a suite of developmental resources for members served and a pipeline of diverse talent and students for corporate/collegiate partners. Being born and raised in SOFL (South Florida), and coming from a large Bahamian-American family, Michelle is a xenophile at heart. Michelle is a champion for STE(A)M education to properly equip and build wealth for Black and Brown communities.

Meet the Team

Kasheef Wyzard
Nat’l Programming Initiatives Director
Sean Michael Hardy
Deputy Community Organizing & Development Director
Edilah Jordan
Deputy Program Director
Anthony McCrary
Director of Corporate Partnerships
Liz Solorio
Director of Digital Engagement
Del Ro
Event Manager