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Friday – June 24th, 2022

Saturday – June 25th, 2022

Sunday – June 26th, 2022

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"Our past heroes inspire us, but our future leaders will guide us. With the climate going catastrophic and the economy going algorithmic, we need to talk about where we are heading as a people."
Van Jones
Co-Founder, Dream Corps TECH

CEO Connections and Cocktails

Invite only. Join Dream Corps and other invited guests for a casual drinks and high level conversation with Dream Corps CEO Nisha Anand.

7PM – 8PM, The Cruz Building

Vibey Hour™ – Black Future Weekend Edition

Invite only. The feelings of a Happy Hour converge with an exclusive and organic vibe and esthetic. The vibe of the experience is elevated as guests gain access to this private event with curated food and beverage pairings.

8PM – 12AM, The Cruz Building

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Evette Ellis

Chief Workforce Officer and Co-Founder of ChargerHelp!

Evette Ellis is the Chief Workforce Officer and Co-Founder of ChargerHelp! ChargerHelp!’s app-based dispatch and deployment system solves the industry-wide problem of down electric vehicle charging stations by providing on-demand repairs and maintenance support from trained local workforces. With over fifteen years of stellar experience as an impactful and thought provoking workforce developer. Evette has championed businesses and empowering decision makers to develop opportunities that create equitable and prolonged change through the lens of workforce development. Prior to co-founding ChargerHelp! Evette devoted her skills and talents to working tirelessly for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps. She has perfected an effective methodology and mastered all aspects of workforce development through work based learning job development placement outreach and retention with a particular focus in minority workforce communities.Evette’s visionary perspective candor and passion have earned her a number of accolades as well as invitations to speak as a thought leader to cleantech sustainability and electric vehicle industry decision makers about better ways to do business how to close equity and training gaps finally how to increase access to good jobs. Evette envisions workforce development as part of the same fabric that makes a company lucrative and successful.