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Friday – June 24th, 2022

Saturday – June 25th, 2022

Sunday – June 26th, 2022

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"Our past heroes inspire us, but our future leaders will guide us. With the climate going catastrophic and the economy going algorithmic, we need to talk about where we are heading as a people."
Van Jones
Co-Founder, Dream Corps TECH


Examining the Wealth Gap in America: The People and Ideas Making Real Impact

A meaningful discussion surrounding the Black wealth gap and how we can close it – with perspectives from a diverse panel on the people and stories making an impact. The conversation will be augmented by new Stash-obtained data on the racial wealth gap and the financial reality of middle-class Black Americans. 

Speakers: Hill Harper, Felecia Hatcher, Ernestine Johnson Morrison

10AM – 11AM ET, Miami Beach Convention Center

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Culture Breakout Session

We are Wakanda: Afrofuturism, Black Identity, Technology and Culture

Come explore the creative movements in literature, comics, music and film that inspire us to dream of a world where Black people not only survive but thrive in the future. Science fiction leads us to science facts. Let’s continue to build a future where we use technology to become leaders in our world.

  1. Participants will be inspired by knowledge and the many examples that exist of Black scientists, tech developers and creatives that are working to build a future where Black excellence is evident in the leadership that is shaping the world.

Speakers: Tem Blessed, Ryan Wilson

2PM – 3PM ET, Miami Beach Convention Center

Entertainment Breakout Interactive Session


Minting, crypto wallets and gas prices are terms that seem like a foreign language but are common knowledge to those in the NFT space. Let’s journey together by learning in real time how to become NFT owners and creators. 

  1. Participants will learn how to vet NFT projects
  2. Participants will experience in real-time the process of securing NFTs
  3. Participants will partake in shared community wisdom to learn the current work their peers are doing in the NFT space.

Led by Tanya Sam

3:30PM – 5PM ET, Miami Beach Convention Center

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Finance Breakout Session

The Future of Banking

With precursors like banks increasingly moving to digital wallets, very soon we can expect our everyday payments to be universally tracked and processed through Blockchain – but how does this affect one’s buying power and financial freedom?

  1. Learn the good, the bad, & the uncertainty of decentralized finance (DeFi)
  2. Understand how to determine whether investing in crypto is for you, and if so, where to start. 
  3. Learn how to gain the capital to acquire coins
Speakers: Sharon Murphy
12:30PM – 1:30PM ET, Miami Beach Convention Center

Trends Breakout Session

It’s Hot on The Block! - Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

With a clear acceleration of interest in Bitcoin by people like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, some would say crypto is winning. From the mind of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin has proven itself to be more than just an academic concept, now becoming a viable virtual reality. This is your chance to learn more about whether and how you can get started.

  1. Discover how finance and banking institutions evolve to compete in this new market
  2. Learn how new technology will increase banking transparency
  3. Learn the new buying power afforded with banks accepting new forms of digital currency

Speakers: Najah Roberts, Lisa Francoeur

2PM – 3PM ET, Miami Beach Convention Center

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Cleantech Breakout Session

The Plug

The automobile has evolved a lot seen many interactions since its debut in the late 1800s. And now, another revolutionary reimagination of the automobile – electric vehicles (eV) – is here. Out with the gas pump and in with the plug! Learn how a wave of environmentally friendly cars is set to change the way the world utilizes transportation.

  1. Discover the new options and availability of eVs.
  2. Learn how to make the conversion over to electric vehicles
  3. Discover how elective vehicles are paving the way for commercial eVTOLs

Speakers: Captain Barrington Irving, Dr. Shelley Francis, Dexter Turner, Evette Ellis, CeCe Grant

2PM – 3PM ET, Miami Beach Convention Center

Workforce Breakout Session

College Dropout

Since 2019, pre-pandemic, college enrollment rates have dropped by 6.5% while skills training bootcamps have seen a 30.35% increase. If this trend continues, it could be perceived that higher education is experiencing a mass exodus – or perhaps college is no longer the gold standard but an additional pathway for post secondary education, then this is your chance to explore the other options for a career in tech.

  1. Learn about the types of career and skill training options available 
  2. Discover the career trajectory and success of bootcamp graduates
  3. Explore the hybrid options colleges/universities are offering

Speakers: Kasheef Wyzard, Shannon Morales, Charlene Pou

12:30PM – 1:30PM ET, Miami Beach Convention Center

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Entertainment Breakout Session

Bored Ape, Metaverse and the NFT

We’ve seen the 6 figure price tags for the acquisition of characterized apes. And we’ve heard about celebrities and even international embassies buying land in cyberspace. But is this attainable for the average person? And if so, how? The time is now to learn about how you can enter into Web 3.0 and engage in a growing market economy.

  1. Learn what and how to enter into the 3D worlds of the metaverse
  2. Discover the basics of NFTs and how to acquire them
  3. Explore the opportunities that are emerging due to decentralization

Speakers: Armando Pantoja, Kai Frazier, Jeanine Suah

12:30PM – 1:30PM ET, Miami Beach Convention Center


Future Nightclub

Experience a night of BFW with a “Power” twist. Wind down after a day of futuristic and thought provoking conversation with a night of laughter, libations and lilting.

Featuring Dr Irie & Paperwater

10PM – 2AM ET, Ampersand Studios

Photo Shoot By Photographer Katy Beth Barber | www.KBarberPhotography.com | kb@kbarberphotography.com

Evette Ellis

Chief Workforce Officer and Co-Founder of ChargerHelp!

Evette Ellis is the Chief Workforce Officer and Co-Founder of ChargerHelp! ChargerHelp!’s app-based dispatch and deployment system solves the industry-wide problem of down electric vehicle charging stations by providing on-demand repairs and maintenance support from trained local workforces. With over fifteen years of stellar experience as an impactful and thought provoking workforce developer. Evette has championed businesses and empowering decision makers to develop opportunities that create equitable and prolonged change through the lens of workforce development. Prior to co-founding ChargerHelp! Evette devoted her skills and talents to working tirelessly for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps. She has perfected an effective methodology and mastered all aspects of workforce development through work based learning job development placement outreach and retention with a particular focus in minority workforce communities.Evette’s visionary perspective candor and passion have earned her a number of accolades as well as invitations to speak as a thought leader to cleantech sustainability and electric vehicle industry decision makers about better ways to do business how to close equity and training gaps finally how to increase access to good jobs. Evette envisions workforce development as part of the same fabric that makes a company lucrative and successful.